Chimene Jackson


"I know i have probably said this a million times but thank you thank you for capturing moments that are priceless to Randy and I. Kids grow up within a twinkle of an eye and you have captured all of them with their own personalities shining through, you have captured two second moments and Im able to enjoy them forever. You are so talented and amazing and I pray that God continues to bless you and your talent. Look forward to the next photo shoot!"-Jessica Lancaster, Detailswe4sake client

" I believe in little things
That you can hardly see Like honeycomb and spider webs
And starfish in the sea ...I believe in little things
Like you and me
And just how big Little things can be."
-Sesame Street

My name is Chimene Jackson, and I have a passion for photography beyond words. Though my love for photography began at age 12, I have had a camera in my hands since I was 3 years old. Most of my life was spent avoiding the camera because of my parents' insatiable desire to photograph me in my early years; however, I credit them for instilling in me the love for capturing life's little moments, which might seem mediocre, but mean a lot 10 years down the road...

...Oh, my, how I do love to laugh...!
My passion for photography grows stronger and stronger each day.
After receiving many spurs and much-appreciated compliments, I started Detailswe4sake Photography in May 2008 so that I might express to others my passion. I want people to feel comfortable before, during, and after taking their photo, and i want them to proudly show their photos to family and friends.

In my eyes, photography is the story of life. Good photos create those 1000 words while leaving the spectator speechless. Those traits are what I expect from my photo sessions; my photos are the result of life's expressions. I love creating photos and capturing them for others to enjoy.

Session prices? Contact me please!

I am currently enrolled in Messiah College, studying International Business, French and Global Economics. After these 4 years, I plan to immediately get my Master's in International Marketing or my MBA, and then get my Associate's in Photography and Textile Design. Eventually I would like to own an art firm.

In my spare time I like to cook for my family, edit photos, talk to my mom for hours, write poetry, coordinate events, make greeting cards, dream, and write in my journal.

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peace and love